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Meet the Team!

Our team consists of three subteams: Hardware, Software, and Business. Scroll down to learn more!

Team Facts 💡

Founded in 2021

50+ members

9 different majors 

3 different Cornell colleges

4 different home countries

Team Leads

Hardware ⚙️

Hardware designs and manufactures the boat’s electromechanical system! 🛥️

This involves doing CAD and ECAD, running simulations, machining, working with composites, working with power tools, soldering and assembling electrical components, among other technical skills. Members of the hardware team gain a lot of valuable hands-on experience, while also being able to apply concepts learned in class to their work during the design process.

Software 💻

Software is responsible for researching, developing, and testing all computer programs which enable the boat to operate autonomously! 🌊

This includes building computer vision systems, implementing AI-driven navigation and control algorithms, designing microcontroller software, integrating different processes through ROS, and developing simulation frameworks for testing. Members on Software are primarily CS and ECE majors with interdisciplinary interests, a passion for innovation, and dedication to see their projects through.

Business & Outreach 💼

Business organizes the team’s funding for supplies, apparel, software licensing, and works with Outreach as the team’s public facing arm 🦾

Outreach organizes events with local schools and organizations to link our team with the Ithaca community, as well as to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists🧠
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