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Electrical Systems

E-Systems coordinate the flow of information and power between all its components, serving as the vital bridge between hardware and software.

At the heart of E-Systems lies the power distribution system, controlled by the main powerboard. This PCB routes electrical currents, smoothing voltage fluctuations, and delivering precise levels of power to each component, ensuring optimal performance. Beyond power, E-Systems also oversees the integration of a diverse array of sensors, ranging from the high-precision GNSS system to the leak detectors. Our team selects, integrates, and tests each sensor, ensuring they provide accurate and reliable data to guide the boat’s operations. E-Systems also oversees communication, selecting and implementing transceivers and receivers. These devices facilitate remote control capabilities at impressive distances, enabling us to command the boat at the touch of a button. 
Looking into the future we are excited to integrate sensors and controllers for our advanced capabilities on R&A such as the robotic arm. Additionally, we are eager to implement the CAN bus protocol, a powerful communication standard that will streamline our processes and optimize overall performance.

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